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Ardy Maulana

Property Consultant

What you need to know:

+ Sincere, professional and personable, Ardy is a living duality. He combines the best of seemingly opposing traits to your almost unfair advantage, negotiating like a Jedi Master using the Force.


+ Will actually listen to YOUR NEEDS.


+ Will develop a strategy to meet YOUR NEEDS.


+ Will just be straight forward with you and tell it how it is. Will not just tell you what might sound good for you to hear. 


Nice to know, in case you needed convincing:


+ As a professional real estate advisor, you will have a friend and ally to guide you through your real estate journey.


+ An Expert negotiator. Trained and moulded from multiple award winning professionals of the industry who excel at objection handling, price records and outcome focus. 


+ Driven by your needs, Ardy strives to obtain the best possible outcome for your situation, which is evident in the price records he’s obtained.


+ A personal touch. A human being first, an agent second. Demonstrated by the 100% positive feedback from every single client in his career.


+ 3 years in the industry with $30+ Million in Careers sales. Every single client served with a positive outcome. Many who have turned into friends.


Just in case you still need a little extra:


+ Bachelor of Civil Engineering from Griffith University 


+ A hunger for growth, the love for his industry and most of all his passion in his career, enables Ardy to move forward with a clear mind and never ending focus to get the job done. 


We're not the same and in a market that demands a unique point of difference to stand out, we hope you got to see just a little of how we're different above.

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