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Isabel Vaughan


What you need to know:
+ Do not be fooled by her size! There is a reason why she is known as Yoda in the office. Full of wisdom and fighting power, Isabel is the MVP you want in your corner when trying to sell or purchase real estate because the “force” is always with her. 

+ Will actually listen to YOUR NEEDS.

+ Expert in crafting strategy to meet YOUR NEEDS. 

+ Will just be straight forward with you and tell it how it is. Will not just tell you what might sound good for you to hear. 

+ Outcome focussed. It's all about understanding the outcome you need and getting it. 

Nice to know, in case you needed convincing:
+ Prior to starting Crown Realty International, Isabel operated a Century 21 real estate sales and property management office in Arundel with over 200 properties in its rent roll.

+ Her office was awarded a centurion office status for sales achievement and was REIQ "Office of the Year" finalist two years running.  

+ She provides “after sales service” to all her clients - the unique service that stays available after the settlement with no expiry date! 

Just in case you still need a little extra:
+ Worked in both investment and retail banking for over 10 years. Having been part of the financial world adds an appreciation of the different aspects in the purchase of a substantial asset, be it a home or investment property

We're not the same and in a market that demands a unique point of difference to stand out, we hope you got to see just a little of how we're different above. 

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