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Kento Ito

Property Consultant

What you need to know:
+ Enthusiasm, Passion and Tenacity all rolled up into one suit wearing Japanese Real Estate Samurai. Kento is known for being the first to the office and the last to leave. He will literally make the difference with hard work as he is rapidly growing his experience in the industry. 

+ Kento lives by a simple motto, “Out work the competition”. From 5am to 9pm, Kento has been known to be showing property to his clients. In a highly competitive market, you can be assured that when Kento gets the call to take that inspection, he’ll be there when other agents may not…

+ Will actually listen to YOUR NEEDS.

+ Will develop a strategy to meet YOUR NEEDS.

+ Will just be straight forward with you and tell it how it is. Will not just tell you what might sound good for you to hear. 

+ Outcome focussed. It's all about understanding the outcome you need and getting it. 

Nice to know, in case you needed convincing:
+ “There wasn’t a moment’s hesitation in offering Kento a position after his work experience with the company in 2018. He is the only candidate to sell a property during his internship and at the same time display a level of aptitude for the business of real estate beyond even some of the most experienced agents I’ve dealt with. Kento has already been referred to by clients as hard working and clear in his communication skills. I have no hesitation in endorsing him to any buyer or seller wanting a sharp young mind working in their corner. I expect to see great things from this young man, now and well into the future.”
- Managing Director, Luke Vaughan.

When the Managing Director speaks this highly about one of his employees, you know he’s reliable and capable of getting the job done!

Just in case you still need a little extra:
+ Graduated from TSS as a member of the 2013 Premiership Winning First XI Soccer Team

+ Bachelor of Science in Business with a concentration in Management from the University of South Carolina Aiken in the United States.

+ Graduated Cum Laude.

+ Accepted a scholarship offer from Winthrop University to play NCAA Division I in the United States. 

+ Currently working as part of the VAUN Elite private holiday letting team with the Managing Director.


We're not the same and in a market that demands a unique point of difference to stand out, we hope you got to see just a little of how we're different above.

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