Jason Teren

Jason Teren


What you need to know:
+ Market Insight, Genuine Empathy and Negotiation skills you would expect from an FBI Hostage Negotiator, that’s the package you’re getting when you work with Jason.

+ Johanesberg, London, Auckland and the Gold Coast. Jason has lived all over the World and dealt with people from all walks of life. Working with people commercially in a way that utilises his understanding of cultural nuances to his clients’ best advantage.

+ A reputation for integrity, respect, but most of all a wicked sense of humour. Jason is well regarded amongst his peers not just for getting the deal together, but doing so in a straightforward fashion whilst still being able to have a laugh.

+ Like the back of his hand… Jason knows Parkwood and Arundel like no other we’ve met - with expert knowledge of the area having lived there for over 15 years, he’s often recounting the exact house based on the mention of an address, much to our amazement.

+ Like two sides of the same coin, Jason sells houses but has a Specialist Knowledge of the Luxury Hi-Rise Apartment Market and Body Corporate’s… Having managed one of the Gold Coast's most exclusive Residential Buildings  - The Grand Mariner - in his family business, Jason rapidly became an agent of choice for luxury apartment sales in the building.

+ Will actually listen to YOUR NEEDS.

+ Expert in crafting strategy to meet YOUR NEEDS.

+ Will just be straightforward with you and tell it how it is. Will not just tell you what might sound good for you to hear.

+ Outcome focussed. It's all about understanding the outcome you need and getting it.

Nice to know, in case you needed convincing:
+ Formally, JP Morgan - London. If you know much about the world of investment banking then you know the requirements of a firm like JP Morgan demand the best and only those that have a demonstrated ability to handle large transaction values and the associated stress. Jason has a background in this world and leverages that experience in his negotiations when working for you.

+ High Performance Business Consultant - before real estate Jason was helping business owners reach their potential and solve problems to drive growth. Optimising a business is much like optimising a property to get the best result. There's a process and a known result that process yields. Take advantage of Jason's knowledge in this area and the proven process he uses to get results.

+ Junior Rugby Union Coach - having coached junior rugby on the Gold Coast for 7 years, Jason has taken his passion for Rugby and imparting knowledge into teaching young kids the skills, discipline, communication and the importance of teamwork. It’s also helped him understand how to deal with difficult negotiations.


Just in case you still need a little extra:
+ Bachelor of Commerce from UNISA (University of South Africa), Majoring in Economics and Business Economics.

+ Licensed Real Estate Agent (Queensland)

To work with Jason, please text or email him your number and Jason will schedule a quick obligation free 15 minute phone call.